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Configuring syntax postCSS in PHPstorm

Recently, I have used and tried the new way of write CSS.  Although I am not frontend I like know what are they doing them. In my last business personal project I used postCSS. Maybe your are questioning what are that?  Is the way use tomorrow’s CSS syntax, and today, all this running on javascript.

All that is good, but PHPStorm don’t understand the syntax it and it is angry.  For we solve it, we mush install and configure postCSS support plugin

Search and install
Go to preferences/plugins/Install Jetbrains plugins, let’s write postcss support and install it.

Go to preferences/Stylesheets/Dialects, you choose PostCSS in Project CSS Dialect and then you mush add your css directory

Once the changes are applied, you can work well with postcss in phpstorm.

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